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Our Story...
It was 1994 when I first stepped foot on The University of Akron campus.  I had my car loaded down with all my worldly possessions and was excited to be moving into Bulger Hall. Freshman year was full of fun and going by fast. By Christmas break my friends and I knew that dorm living wasn’t going to cut it much longer. We decided that it only made sense to find a house or apartment that was clean, close to campus and affordable.  Little did I know, those three things would be a tough combination to find.  After looking for some time we were forced to settle on ‘close to campus’ – unfortunately ‘clean’ and ‘affordable’ weren’t part of the package.

Committed to making a difference for other students, I decided that I would purchase a house and do things quite differently than the other college landlords – the idea of Roo Town Rentals was born.

Today we continue to provide QUALITY off campus housing for SERIOUS students at the University of Akron.  Our apartments and houses continue to be in the nicest condition, with the best locations and at affordable prices. If you don’t believe us, look around and let us know what you find.
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