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Getting Started
1) Find your roommates. Decide how many people you will be living with. This is important because we will not show a house or apartment to a partial group. For instance if you are looking at a 4 bedroom house, all 4 students would need be at the showing at the same time.

2) Have all students ask their parents if they will cosign the lease. This is a requirement of all of our leases and there are no exceptions.

3) Decide which property addresses you would like to view.

4) Find a time that would work for ALL students to view the property. Properties are shown between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. If necessary we will accommodate evening and weekend appointments on a limited basis.

5) Call us at (330) 571-0263 to schedule a showing. 

6) If you like the house and are interested in renting it, you will be asked to fill out an application. If you are selected for the house, you will then need to provide a deposit and complete the lease information.  Remember, this is first come, first serve. Until all deposits and paperwork are returned for all students we will continue to show the house.

7) Sleep easy knowing that you have an awesome place to live! 
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